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First Ever Un-officially Official Basement Brigade Sabres Watch Party on Saturday


More details are on the Facebook event page.

Please note, strictly 21 and up allowed to attend. It’s a bar. They’re going to enforce this.

Instigator Podcast #20: Locked Out (Oct 5, 2012)

Sure the lockout is well underway, but we’re still recording whether they’re playing or not. Chris Ostrander of Two In the Box and yours truly have another edition of the “Instigator” for you.

Chris and I work out the issues with the lockout into an easily comprehensible concept, we play some Gaslight Anthem (shocker) and talk about the new Alumni Plaza at First Niagara Center. Plus, some Plus/Minus!

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Instigator Podcast #19: Collective Bracing (Sep 13, 2012)

If you went to bed last night and wished for another “Instigator Podcast,” I’d like to inform you this is just a coincidence. Chris Ostrander of Two In the Box and myself got together to chat and recorded it.

We talk a little bit about my trip to Columbus, then get into exciting talk about the collective bargaining agreement. We wrap that up with some Plus/Minus, featuring some good NHL13 discussion as well as some Bills chatter.

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Instigator Podcast #12: Golden Ticket (May 30, 2012)

Since you didn’t ask for it, here’s the next installment of “The Instigator Podcast” featuring Chris Ostrander of Two In the Box and internet hero, me.

This time we talk about getting invited to the next “New Media Summit” in a few weeks, what we’re looking for out of it, talk a little Kings/Devils and a Stanley Cup edition of Plus/Minus.

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Instigator Podcast #2: Summit & Struggles

Here is the long awaited and assured to be critically acclaimed second edition of “The Instigator Podcast” featuring Chris Ostrander of Two In the Box and myself.

In this episode, we talk Detroit curbstomping a struggling Sabres team, last week’s “Sabres Summit” with the bloggers and Ted Black, why we should watch and what we do until the mess is cleaned up.

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Introducing “The Instigator Podcast”: Instigator #1

Today, I’m extremely proud to bring you the first edition of what will be known as “The Instigator Podcast” featuring Chris Ostrander of Two In the Box and myself.

In the inaugural episode, we talk Bucky calling us all names, Ted Black’s comments in Bucky’s column about fans and patience, and, of course, game presentation.

Listen right here:

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Shots in the dark

You’re naked inside your fear
You can’t take back all those years
Shots in the dark from empty guns
Are never heard by anyone
Never heard by anyone

Goo Goo Dolls – “Naked”

As some of you who follow me on twitter have heard, I’m moving back to Buffalo after spending the last 8 months as a resident of Nashville, Tennessee. I made a big deal about it in the past, talking about how being a fan changes when you’re living elsewhere, and how I felt about being away from the excitement when Terry Pegula took over.

The obvious thing to think would be that I’m excited to come back for hockey season. I am. I’m looking forward to going to camp, games, and being a part of what should be an entertaining season. But it’s really mixed emotions. I fell in love with Nashville. It’s an amazing place to live. The people are nice, there’s tons to do and see. As a young professional, you can’t ask for a better atmosphere. The nightlife is great, and having an NHL team is icing on the cake. The area has a lot going for it, and there’s a reason it’s going in the right direction. I can’t speak highly enough of it.

Buffalo Sabres tickets

I had left a good job I really liked when I came to Nashville. I left my family, friends, my season tickets… everything. I was assured nothing when I took my job, other than it was a good opportunity and a step in the right direction.

It didn’t quite work out the best way it could of, but in many ways it did. The last eight months put up a good case for being the best eight months of my life. I would’ve preferred to stay in Nashville for the foreseeable future. Does it suck to see it end? Yes. Does this whole thing ending deem it a failure? Absolutely not. It doesn’t have to be one way or the other. The end result this time may not be ideal, but I know how to get to the end result and I’m confident that I will at some point.

Weighed down
Safe now

The line above is, to me, how a lot of people in Buffalo live their lives, tying in with the inferiority complex you grow to embrace living there. It’s easy to say it’s all up against you, and live with that as an excuse. Buffalo struggles in a lot of areas as a city.

But you know what? There’s things you can change if you actually try. If you don’t do anything to help yourself, you’re going to end up sitting around getting nowhere.

Just as it’s easy for people I know to stay in Buffalo, get decent jobs and never get what they really want, never really take risks and take the safe route. If they’re happy with that, good for them.

In the past, the Sabres arguably have never really gave it their best shot, either. They waited for their small windows of opportunity, and when they didn’t get the opportunity, there was a litany of excuses to fall back on, whether it be finances or luck. Wait until next year.

It’s the same with anything else in Buffalo. Whether it be waterfront development, downtown revitalization, anything, it seems like it’s easy to sit there and argue about why trying something else won’t work and letting nothing happen. Instead of giving it a legitimate shot, usually it ends up being paralysis-by-analysis and people are still sitting around arguing about what to do. Time passes and meanwhile, nothing has happened, leading everyone to complain about how nothing has happened.

This summer at First Niagara Center (still weird to me) has been everything but that. Terry Pegula and Ted Black have come in and reshaped the mindset. The Sabres are not sitting on the sidelines waiting for their turn anymore. They’re creating an opportunity for themselves. There’s a confidence there, not quite “We’re going to win now,” but somewhere between confidently saying “We can win now,” and “We’re going to win.” It’s not just having the capability, which they now have. There is the key ingredient in any success: optimism.

That’s the same confidence I have about my career, my team… my life. I’ve learned so much through this Nashville experience that I’m optimistic for my next opportunity. Will that be a success? I’m not gonna worry about that now, but I’m confident that it can happen. I don’t look at this as a failure, it’s just another step forward.

I chose the lyrics and song I led this post off for a reason. I always liked the song, but the meaning is more important. A lot of people can look at life negatively and how everything is bad and let it that beat them without ever really trying. The only way to be comfortable with yourself is to have the confidence to really try to accomplish what you want to, without the fear of failing stopping you. The opportunity of today is going to disappear, and you can’t take it back.

I gave this summer my best shot. I’m gonna step back, look at what I can do differently, try again, and hopefully find success next time. If the Sabres go through this season without raising a banner, that’s cool. The people in charge are the kind of people that will find ways to get better. I’m confident they will. This season isn’t one shot. It’s not a shot in the dark, hoping for a miracle. The guns are loaded, it’s ready to go. This is a first shot, with an aim, with a goal.

Thanks for an awesome time, Nashville. I’ll be back.

See you all at training camp.

The dilemma of a transplanted fan

For those who aren’t incredibly new to this blog (and if you are, I appreciate you coming by) you may have read a previous post mentioning how I relocated this January. I now reside in Predators country: Nashville, Tennessee.

If you would’ve told me five years ago I’d willingly leave Buffalo, I don’t know if I would’ve believed you. The Sabres have always been a huge part of my life. I’m sure if there was no team, if they would’ve left in bankruptcy or the lockout never ended, I may have been willing to go to college outside western New York. But there’s no way I was going to leave the area. There was no way I was going to leave my team.

I made that decision back in 2005, when I decided to get season tickets out of the lockout. Going to school in the city, I was finally going to have the chance to go to every game. Tickets were cheap. For a college student, I could easily handle $400 for 300 level season tickets. I mean, what hockey fan wouldn’t pay $10 to see an NHL game? For some, it wasn’t enough, as evidenced by all the empty seats. No decision for me. My team was coming back, I was going to be there every night. I bled black and red. And holy shit, that team was fun to watch.

But a funny thing started to happen. The empty seats disappeared. They changed the colors I bled. And the money I was paying for tickets wasn’t enough. It seemed like the organization was more interested in my wallet than my presence. Eventually, I felt like I was being pushed away. Read the rest of this entry

A New Hope

Well, it’s been one hell of a week for Sabres fans. About time I got around to posting something here.

You may have noticed my absence. You may not have. For those who don’t know me personally, I had some big things happen since my last post. I went away on a long trip, was gone for the month of December. I got a new computer. I also got a new job… not in Buffalo.

Just after the new year, I packed up and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Got a job in my field that was better than anything I could’ve gotten with any related companies in Buffalo, so I decided to bounce.

I had to leave my family, my friends, and my season tickets behind. All three have been missed. I sympathize with people who try to follow the Sabres from outside the 716 area code. It’s tough. I’m now on central time, so coming home from work and walking in the door just in time to catch the game on the internet is an adjustment. Of course, it is nice being able to hop online and stream WGR and read all the same websites. I feel attached as I ever have, but it definitely takes more effort.

As the ownership drama has developed from a rumbling to a transaction, even from a distance for me, we’ve seen the situation crystallize everything about the Sabres organization.

We see the departing ownership group be spiteful and petty towards the ones who’ve talked bad about them. We’ve thanked them for what they did in saving the Sabres, but they still beat us to the punch themselves at giving them a pat on the back.

We’ve read the media continue to hold the same grudges against the same people over the same things.

We’ve watched the Sabres struggle on the ice, but yet show flashes of the team we thought they would be this season, never getting away from the frustrating inconsistency that has plagued the team for the last few years

And now, we finally know that there is hope. We have an owner coming in who wants everything that we do. The numbers at the bottom of the ledger might not be as important, and the numbers in the standings will become a bigger part of the picture. We don’t need to worry about “value judgements” and “two legged horses” anymore.

Hope is extremely important. Not just in sports. In life. If you can’t have hope for the future, things will suck. Unless there’s a legitimate reason to think that your situation can get better, it’s tough to put your emotions into what you do. For a while, I struggled with the idea that my professional life was going to take off. When you get an opportunity to move forward, you take it. And the opportunity itself is enough to give you hope.

Terry Pegula and family are taking over soon. We don’t know what they will do, but we’re convinced it will be great. It’s good to have that optimism.

It’s exciting and exhilarating. We see the opportunity for change. A new hope. A chance to never wonder if there’s something going on that we don’t know about. A chance to never hear “5 years/$25 million” again. A chance to think that maybe they want the same things we do at the foot of Washington St. A chance that maybe we’re not going to be changing uniforms again next season.

Now, we’re all convinced that there’s a chance.

Let’s hope it works out.

3MI’s Fan 11: What the fans really think

This is a new feature here on 3MI. Since this blog is supposed to reflect the fans’ perspective (well, the smart ones, anyways), it’d make sense to ask the fans what they think, right? So here’s 11 questions we’re asking. The questions will eventually vary, and if you want to participate, shoot us an email.

Today’s subject: Tim from South Buffalo.

1. What Sabres player’s jersey do you own and why?

I own several Sabres jerseys. In the “slug” logo, I have a home Connolly and Afinogenov, a white Vanek, the third jersey with Pominville, and a Winter Classic-style Afinogenov. The Pominville is the number one at the moment.

2. What’s your favorite Sabres moment ever, and why?

I would have to say my favorite all-time Sabres moment was Game 5 against the Rangers in the 2007 Playoffs. I was with all my friends at a party, literally praying during the faceoff, then we all know what happened.

3. Why do you love being a Sabres fan?

What I love the most about being a Sabres fan is just the vibe that the city gives off when the Sabres are playing. When there’s a hockey game, everyone seems to be watching.

Read the rest of this entry


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